Meet the people behind the brands you buy from

Business that matters is a breakfast programme for small, medium, and large businesses and the ideal showcase to get
to know the people behind the businesses.

This informative programme focuses on business aspects that affect all types of businesses – large and small.

Business that matters is presented by Rozanne McKenzie and Anton Schmidt, and through virtual interviews, telephonic contributions and studio interviews, South African businesses and businesspeople’s true personalities, values, and all the other emotional considerations that should inform a purchase decision, are revealed.

Each episode examines current issues like the challenges and decisions large and small businesses face in a rapidly changing and dynamic business world.

New products, services and technologies are introduced, and uplifting stories from all industries – from innovative new start-ups to the big brands of our time – serve as inspiration for consumers and prospective business owners.

The weekly guest list also includes celebrities, influencers and industry thought leaders who share their valuable business experience and marketing tips.

Business that matters is currently on a production break and will return soon. Watch this space!


A word from our media partner.

The perfect platform for your business

Put your business on the platform that matters. TV marketing is the most effective and affordable way to introduce your business to South African consumers. Whether it’s retail or business-to-business, Business that matters caters to businesses of all shapes and sizes from all industries, with packages for every kind of business and any kind of budget:

From R5 000 per minute in studio

From R7 000 per minute on location

From R3 000 per minute online or telephonically

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